The American writers who give their time and talents to our now eight year old fundraiser, Writers for Readers, do it to help Orange Literacy continue what it was founded thirty years ago to do.  Exactly what is that?  How does it work?  And who are the Readers those Writers are for? The answers are all over Orange Literacy’s website, but here’s an especially nice and concise one I’ve extracted:

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Orange Literacy. From those who tutor inmates at Orange County’s correctional facility to those who manage writing workshops in local shelters to those who help with the bottom line, volunteers allow Orange Literacy to leverage both manpower and mind power. Each year, over 150 dedicated volunteers provide adult literacy instruction and literacy-related activities to adult students and families, as well as advocacy, fund development and operational assistance.

I am proud to be a volunteer. I’ve learned as much as I have “taught”—first  leading writing workshops in the men’s shelter and lately helping create an ESOL conversation class. I hope you, like the Writers, will want to help us with this work.

–Shannon Ravenel, Tutor, Volunteer and Vice President, Orange Literacy Board of Directors