Over the course of a Saturday morning in late November, several ABE and advanced ESOL students met in our office to work side-by-side with volunteer MBA graduate student mentors from UNC-CH’s Kenan Flagler Business School. Together with their mentors, Orange Literacy students discussed their past, present and future jobs and goals, and each pair used a laptop to navigate career information websites and to search for relevant, locally posted jobs. Finally, each student designed a brochure that outlined their personal career goals and the new information they had just found. With the encouragement of their MBA mentors and Orange Literacy’s ESOL and ABE Program Coordinators, students then stood and individually presented their work to the whole group.

fy16-workshop in action 2-2 fy16-Seok Yang, Dong and MBA tutor Brett McFarland-2 fy16-Romero, Willie-presentation-2 fy16-MBA tutors and OL students-2 fy16-Martinez Rubio, Juan Gabriel-presentation-2 fy16-Hirayama, Shu and MBA tutor Jill Murphy-2 fy16-Corredor, Elizabeth and staff Candice Richey-2 fy16-Calderini, Adelqui and MBA tutor Caroline Lindley-2 fy16-Brooks, Antione and MBA tutor Rebecca Kaye-2