fy17-Matias Reyes Spotlight PhotoMatias Reyes and his wife moved from Chile for her job as a PE teacher in Carrboro.  He registered as a student with Orange Literacy in January 2017 to improve his English while gaining more experience in listening and speaking.  He currently attends the Career Development class at Orange County Joblink Center and studies online with Burlington English in Orange Literacy’s computer lab.  The class allows him to practice what he has learned in Burlington English as well as improve his career skills, while the computer lab enables him to practice what he has learned in class on his own.

Matias wants to improve his English to get a job in international business and continue his professional development.  He recognizes that English is highly sought after when applying for jobs in the international market, and it is a skill that will help him in the future.  One of the most difficult things for him in learning English is navigating different English speakers’ accents, as pronunciation can vary from person to person depending on their native language skills.  It helps, however, that many words in English sound similar to Spanish, which allow him to make better connections between the two languages.  “Sometimes I can just guess that English word for something and that will be the actual word,” he says.

Orange Literacy wants to recognize all of the hard work and effort that Matias has put into his studies, both in the lab and in class!  Matias is very dedicated to learning English; he is often seen in the lab two or three times a week in addition to attending his class.  His effort is evident through his increased engagement with staff and other students at Orange Literacy, thanks to improved language skills and confidence.

If you know of a student who would be interested in using Burlington English to supplement his or her classroom instruction, please contact Heather at 919-914-6153 or hbucurel@orangeliteracy.org.