fy17-Project Literacy donationIn support of our UNC GED class, Sarah Sturdivant and members of Project Literacy at UNC raised $731 during their Harry Potter Trivia Night last fall.  Money raised will go toward books for our UNC GED class.

In 2010, Orange County Literacy partnered with UNC and created a GED class for Facilities Services employees working toward their GED.  Classes meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  Each student is assessed and placed in a level.  They are given material and instruction specifically for their level and subject they need to study.  Students are working on their reading, writing, math, and language skills in preparation for taking the GED.

UNC Project Literacy is a student organization has been a great support. Members of the group join our class 1-2 days a week and tutor students.  Due to their fundraiser, we have been able to purchase text books for our students as well as add to our class library.

Thank you Project Literacy and all at UNC who help to make GED class a success!