Elizabeth Corredor - Winter Celebration, December 2015
elizabeth corredor 2-edited

Elizabeth Corredor

My name is Elizabeth.  I am from Colombia.

I arrived in North Carolina in March this year with my husband “Willie” and my two children. Daniel is 17 and Andres he is 8. We live in Chapel Hill.  Daniel and Andres are studying in their schools, I dedicate my time to caring for them and meeting their needs at home as mom, but since someone has to work in this family my husband does In order to progress in English my husband and I began to study at Orange Literacy in June and now we are here just speaking a little in this new language and learning from the new culture that surrounds us.

Studying at Orange County Literacy Council has been a great experience, because we have high quality and generous teachers. They’re so dedicated to helping us to express our ideas in the best way in English.

We have the support of the entire management team especially Candice our Program Coordinator for ESOL. We have no excuse not to be successful in the goals that we set, because we have the backing of an organization that is committed to our willingness to study and supports us in our need to express ourselves correctly in all areas.

My personal experience is that I often feel the difficulty of learning English and negativity  wants to invade my mind, I know that If I stay on focus and remain positive I can achieve my Goals.

Today I invite you, to move forward and not lose focus on the target.  Although you may not see progress as you’d like, step by step you will see that you understand more and more when someone speaks to you in English.  Also, you’ll see that every day you can express your ideas more easily and in a short time your efforts will pay off. You will succeed!

Thanks tutors and Orange Literacy for your support.

Christian Reyes - Winter Celebration, December 2015
Christian Reyes

Christian Reyes

I Did Not Know How to Start

This my second time in U.S., and right now I can understand that I was a shadow.

When I say shadow, it means being a person that don’t understand what somebody else says, or that can’t ask something because doesn’t know how to do a question.

In my first time here -when I was a child-, I had somebody that translated my words, doing my stay easier.

Now, I live in U.S. but nobody that talk to me.

As you can imagine, the good manners did not exist.

As I said before, I was a shadow.

Fortunately, one day I heard about the Orange County Literacy Council, I went over the place, and asked shyly: am I eligible to be in this organization?

At that time, it seemed that the clock had stopped and the miss who was in front of me looked at me skeptically and said nothing. The time passed slowly and the idea for getting out running it seemed the best. After five seconds -it was the period I waited- the miss said: I don’t know what do you want to say, but if you are looking for a place for learning English then you are in the correct place.

Everything seemed to be perfect until I arrived to class and heard my classmates talking in English. The problem was that I did not understand the talk. At that moment I thought: perhaps I need to get out of here, perhaps it isn’t the correct place, “perhaps”, “perhaps” and in the last “perhaps”, a voice addressed me and explained the talk.

Don’t worry Christian, we are here for learning.

After that sentence, the tutor began to read a story stopping at each paragraph to clarify doubts, and I liked it.

I love the stories for two reasons, first because I feel as a child walking for the imagination path, and second because I learn words I do not know.

The class was excellent, but with the time it turned more excited because I had two tutors in class, Why? I don’t know.

The only thing that I knew was that I had two tutors to invite me for writing and being better.

I don’t know if this story is sad or exciting -maybe a little boring- but the true is that without the sentences in class, readings or grammar exercises; I would still be a shadow.

Thanks, Miss Kate for being my conscience voice in the ignorance valley.

Thanks, Miss Shannon for being the light that helped me to face the doubt and disbelief.

Finally, thanks OCL for giving me these skills.


Lori’s class haikus
At Chapel Hill Library
Scroll down to read them

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Spring - Lori Carswell's ESOL class






Three Spring Haikus
The birds are singing
then the flowers will come out,
make me so happy again.

Look at sun brilliant
The peonies are bursting
and warm season comes.

Time for hunters run
Some animals are scared now
feel like free and cry.

Paw Lan

Spring Breezes
When the spring is coming
birds are singing and squirrels are playing

When I wake up in the morning
I remember spring from my homeland

When the breeze is blowing
People walk out and they run

Many kinds of flowers are bursting
They look very beautiful

During spring the winds blow
The winds bring down the pollen

When the pollen is coming down
trees and flowers burst to life

When I walk in the street
Spring brings the winds to my face.

Hsa Moo

Happy Spring
Now the weather changes
The winter season has gone
Spring season has come

Fresh air warm breeze and sunshine
make the world happy

Blooming flowers on the trees
everywhere you see

tulip and daffodil buds
pretty on the ground

pink and white on cherry trees
first bloom with blossoms

All people and animals
wake up happy everywhere


Beautiful Spring
The sun is bright and beautiful
It is heating up my heart

Everywhere I go I see images of
flowers blooming in bright colors

Trees are growing their leaves
Children are playing peacefully

The moment I know spring is coming
makes me happy this season.

Htoo Htoo Simon

Zan Po
Zan Po 2My name is Zan Po.  I’m 19 years old.  I have brown skin and black hair.  I am from Burma but I’m not Burmese.  I have 8 brothers and no sisters.  Among my brothers I am the youngest brother.  I’m single.  I like travel and yoga, also meditation.  I lived in a little tiny village.  We had beautiful rivers and green mountains.  My parents raise cow, chicken, goat, and buffaloes, also pigs.  I moved in United States in 2009, January 27th.  I really like to speak English and learn another language.  We have civil war in Burma.  I am not able to live with my parents.  My parents sent me to the Thailand refugee camp.  I stayed with my aunt and uncle.  Living with your relatives is not comfortable.  You have to go through many challenges.  Life is not easy without parents and brothers and sisters.  But I made it.  I miss my mom and dad so much in the entire world.  By the way I really want to become a nurse.
Rafael Munoz
Rafael 3My name is Rafael.
I am 23 years old. I have black hair and brown eyes. I have red skin.
I am from Mexico, Gto. I lived there for almost 18 years. My ranch is the most beautiful on Gto.
I live in Carrboro, NC. I like the trees and beautiful girls.
I like reading and learn all about animals and nature (my favorite animal is the deer).
I like to do some stuff different than the rest of the people.
I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I am the oldest in my family. Juaquin is younger than me. Brenda, Jessica, and my little brother Daniel is like my son.
I start to study so I can get a good future.
I like to eat vegetables and deer meat.
My life is basically work, learn and try to be the smartest everywhere.
Mario A. Garcia
Mario2My name is Mario A. Garcia.
I am 51 years old. I like to speak with the people. I’m from Mexico City. I have 7 brothers and 4 sisters. Only 1 brother lives in the USA. The other sibling lives in Mexico City. I’m married. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter. I have work. My work is in Pittsboro. I’m happy in my home in Mexico because my neighbors are friendly. In the USA, I like my house because there are many trees and birds and my neighborhood is a good place for running. I moved 6 years ago. I’m studying English because I want English in my work with the people and would like to travel to other states. Seafood is my favorite food. I like listening to music and dancing and archaeology.
Leticia Patino
LeticiaMy name is Leticia Patino.
I am 45 years old. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5’4”. I am from Mexico. I lived there for 30 years.
Mexico has beautiful trees and gardens.
I live in Carrboro, NC. I like Carrboro but I miss Mexico.
I have 6 brothers and 1 sister.
I am married.
I have 4 children.
I work in Carrboro Early School.
I moved to US in 1996. I lived in here for 15 years. I am studying English—Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 to 7:30 PM.
I like Mexican food.
I love dancing and listening to music and going to the movies.
I am the oldest in my family.
I like strawberry ice cream cones.
I love playing with the little children.
I love my job.