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A Conversation Between Sandra Brown and Chuck Adams

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*Chuck Adams is on the board of Orange Literacy and the executive editor at Algonquin Books. While working at his last publishing house, Simon & Schuster, he edited several of Sandra Brown’s novels.  Sandra Brown is featured at this year’s Writers for Readers Book and Author event. Chuck: It seems these days that every book […]

Q&A with Author Tim Johnston (Descent)

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Author Tim Johnston will be joining us April 5th for our 9th Annual Writers for Readers. Click here for more information. Descent is the first novel you have written for an adult readership. How did you settle on this subject, the disappearance of a teenage girl, as the starting point, and when you began writing, did […]

A Note on Writing

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A man and a woman meet in a used car lot and decide, after knowing each other for less than an hour, to buy a used car together. I woke up with the image in the middle of the night, and I got up to write it down. I thought it was a story rather […]

Literacy – A Liberating Skill

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One of my favorite annual events in our community is the Writers for Readers Book & Author celebration sponsored by Orange Literacy, the organization that brings the gift of reading ability to each year to hundreds of the thousands of people in our community who can’t read. Orange Literacy, with the help of literary luminaries […]

Writers for Readers 2015 – To Those Who Make it Possible

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The American writers who give their time and talents to our now eight year old fundraiser, Writers for Readers, do it to help Orange Literacy continue what it was founded thirty years ago to do.  Exactly what is that?  How does it work?  And who are the Readers those Writers are for? The answers are […]