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The vast majority of tutoring at Orange Literacy is done by volunteer tutors.  Our volunteers are retired executives and educators, university students, young working adults – people from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a wide variety of experiences.

Adult Literacy – Adult Basic Education (ABE) and  English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Recruiting, training and supporting volunteer tutors are crucial to our strength and longevity. Each ABE or ESOL tutor begins by attending our Tutor Training Workshop (TTW). The workshop is held over a two to three week period, beginning with a 2-hour (daytime or evening) orientation, followed by online study and a second 2-hour session a week later.

We offer tutoring in several formats – one-on-one, small group or special topic workshops – to provide safe and effective learning environments that meet the individual needs of our students. Tutors are matched with students or groups of students based on interests and availability. We help our student/tutor matches grow into strong working partnerships, with each tutor gaining an understanding of their student’s educational and life-skill needs, and each student become comfortable with both their tutor and the tutoring process. We work in a number of locations throughout the county, including libraries, churches, schools, the Orange Correctional Center and our offices in Carrboro.

We ask that tutors:

  • meet with their students twice a week, for at least 1.5 hours each time,
  • commit to tutoring for a 6 month period
  • provide information to us monthly on their student’s progress, and
  • participate in at least two in-service programs each year.

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Orange Correctional Center

For many years we have provided one-on-one and small group tutoring, computer classes and book discussion groups to inmates at the Orange Correctional Center in Hillsborough, a minimum security prison for adult males.  New volunteers interested in working with the Orange Correctional Center must meet a particular set of requirements in addition to Orange Literacy’s standard requirements for becoming a tutor.  A separate OCC application must be submitted which includes a criminal background check.

Creative Writing Workshops

For volunteers who are interested in tutoring, but are unable to commit to weekly sessions, we suggest our Creative Writing Workshops.

A cooperative effort between Orange Literacy and the Interfaith Council, the Creative Writing Workshops provide guests at area homeless shelters the opportunity to keep their minds active in productive ways. Each week, two volunteers − a one serving as the leader,  the other as an observer −are scheduled for each location. The following week, the observer becomes the leader and a new observer is added. Volunteers provide two ten-minute writing assignments, encouraging participants to read what they have written. Each volunteer works two weeks in a row, every six to eight weeks. Volunteers choose to work at either the Men’s or the Women’s shelter. Although many of the volunteers who work with the program have completed a Tutor Training Workshop, it is not required.

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Be an Advocate

We welcome volunteers who are interested in helping us spread the word – from making the issue of illiteracy more visible in the community to helping us recruit those who may need our services.


Contribute to our newsletter or website, staff an Orange Literacy table at an information fair or help us develop materials to help make the public aware of the issues surrounding illiteracy.

Speaker’s Bureau

Help us connect to new groups, or stay in touch with existing supporters through our Speakers’ Bureau. Speakers present information on illiteracy, their experiences and Orange Literacy’s work to businesses, civic organizations, churches and schools.

Fundraising and Events

Please consider helping us raise funds for the Orange Literacy. We have many ways to get involved, from working with a fundraising committee to launching a small fundraiser in your neighborhood.

Provide Operational Support

There is tremendous need and opportunity for writers, techs, and general supporters willing to volunteer their time and effort to assist with operations at Orange Literacy.

Office Support

Orange Literacy is often in need of reception volunteers to help with mailings, telephone calls, and office organization.

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Technology Guru

As technology becomes a greater and greater presence in our instructional process, as well as our operations, our need for volunteers with technical skills grows.  Networkers, software experts and social media gurus are all welcome.