What is a match?

A match is a tutor and student who become “learning partners”.

How large are your small groups?

Our groups typically range from 3-12 students.

How are tutors and students matched?

Several factors are considered when making a tutor/student match, such as: age appropriate-ness; gender (a tutor or student may indicate a preference); interest; available time and/or schedule flexibility. For our small groups we try to group students according to their levels and goals.

How long does it take for a tutor to be matched?

Ideally, a tutor is matched with a student within several weeks of completing their Tutor Training workshop. However, other factors often affect the partnering of tutor and student. For example: Are both tutor/student available at the same time? Are there transportation or meeting location issues? Is a “potential” match really the “best” match for the student or tutor?

How are tutors introduced to a new student or group?

Prior to the initial meeting, an Orange Literacy staff person will discuss the student’s history or the group’s needs with the tutor. The student(s) and tutor meet with an Orange Literacy staff person, either in the office or at a mutually agreed upon location. The tutor and student(s) are introduced on a first name basis.

Where and how often do tutors meet with their students?

Scheduling for best time and location are discussed during the initial meeting between Orange Literacy staff, tutor, and student. Our pairs and groups meet twice a week for at least 1.5 hours each time.  Some groups meet for 2 hours twice a week.  We do not allow tutors to meet in their homes or in the homes of their students. Orange Literacy staff will help you find an appropriate public meeting place, such as a church, library, community facility or Orange Literacy’s office.

How do tutors determine the literacy level at which to begin work with their student?

A trained Orange Literacy staff person administers a series of tests with each student to determine the level of the student’s literacy needs. The Orange Literacy staff person and new tutor will meet to review a student’s assessment scores and determine several approaches for the tutor to begin work with their student. The staff person may recommend materials or suggest resources for the tutor to best meet their student’s needs.

What do I do if I think my student has a learning disability?

Consult the Orange Literacy staff person trained in student assessments. While we do not provide official testing for learning disabilities, we can provide suggestions for ways to work with students who may have this issue.

Who pays for materials and books?

Orange Literacy has limited resource materials that it lends out to both tutors and students. We can direct you to numerous free online resources, including Orange Literacy’s wiki and Pinterest sites.  We also encourage tutors to use real-life materials such as sales ads, magazines and menus, whenever possible.

When I think a student needs more than basic literacy instruction, What do I do?

Consult the Orange Literacy staff person trained in student assessments.

How do my student and I know when it’s time for our match to end?

There are several ways to determine when your student is ready to graduate or end the partnership:

  • All goals have been achieved.
  • The student no longer wishes to continue.
  • The student cannot progress any further.
  • OR, the student is ready for a different  class.

Please talk to an Orange Literacy staff person before ending your tutoring partnership so we can help to determine the best way for you and your student to move forward.

How long does it take to teach someone to read?

Predicting the length of time it takes for a student to learn to read varies from one student to the next. The benefit of Orange Literacy’s program is that lesson planning and instruction are structured toward each student’s particular need, pace, and interests.

If my student asks for help outside the area of literacy instruction, what should I do?

Consult with the Orange Literacy staff.